The Shop

The jewelry is sophisticated, the atmosphere is relaxed, the setting is Middleburg Hunt Country. Thomas Hays & Son Jewelers has been an institution in Middleburg since 1972. Tom Hays, a talented goldsmith, sells his own work as well as pieces by other fine jewelers. He has a select inventory including platinum, 18K and 24K gold pieces from around the world.

In his beautifully light-filled shop the antique jewelry and silver from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries has been a mainstay for the past 37 years.

Tom’s own designs lean toward the antique style; he produces some of the most beautiful engagement and wedding rings in the entire metropolitan area. 

His skills allow him to expertly repair any piece of jewelry no matter the age or condition. In fact, the shop provides hand engraving services even Tiffany's cannot match. Clocks and watches (including Rolex) are expertly serviced by this most talented craftsman.

This unique jewelry boutique is certainly a must see when you visit Middleburg.